Mar. 3rd, 2015

Last year we were troubled by wasps in our conservatory. There was a nest under the roof tiles. We left them alone,reasoning the nest would die at the end of the season and that would be an end to it. Their entry route was under the valley gutter between two sections of roof, but they occasionally go lost and emerged into our conservatory. I used to have to evict a couple every morning, sometimes a dozen or more.

Anyway, once the weather turned cold, I took down the ceiling curtains and disposed of the decaying bodies. I then cleaned the entire conservatory and thought that was that. Disposing of the nest is not as simple as it sounds, as the nest is below the valley gutter and removing that would disturb the roof too much. The least worst option is to go into the loft, extend the vacuum hose into the eves and try to suck out as much as I can reach.

OK, so far so good. However, this morning I found a wasp in the conservatory. I'm no expert, but it didn't look big enough to be a queen. The door had not been opened and, though some windows were in the partially open - ventilating - position, I wouldn't have thought it entered by that route. Perhaps it had been hibernating behind the cupboard and escaped the spring cleaning. Or, did it come from the old nest? In which case, my plan to poke the nest with my vacuum cleaner looses its attraction.

What is my next move?



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