Apr. 1st, 2017

Well, we're now safely back in the familiar surroundings of Junko's mother's apartment. Another lovely day, we came back via Imabari. Although we saw the first link in the famous chain of bridges to the mainland, the Shimanami-Kaido (https://blog.gaijinpot.com/riding-shimanami-kaido/), we couldn't cross them, as we didn't have time. In fact, when we asked the sat-nav for a time to the rental depot, we didn't have time for that either. Unless we used the toll motorway. Given that the cost of an extra day's hire was more expensive than the tolls (just), we chose that option. I have to say that, after negotiating snail-paced traffic and being held up by every second set of traffic lights (the good folk of Shikoku REALLY love their lights), being able to cruise at speed was a welcome relief.

In fact, after 2 weeks of incident-free motoring, the last couple of km were the most stressful. Coming off the highway, we hit a traffic jam. We crawled past another rare sight: an accident. This was between a small car and a truck. But do not worry, all I saw was a dent in the car's rear bumper about the size of a football. However, the traffic still crawled. Accurate though the sat-nav was, the cluster of roads around Nishi-akashi Shinkansen station caused it to struggle. Usually, it would give you 300m warning, then tell you to turn and finally give a 'bong' right at the junction. However, when roads were barely metres apart, we kept missing our turning and I ended up executing a U-turn in a busy lighted junction and possibly risking losing my deposit in the final 50m. However, everything worked out fine, the car checked out dent-less and we were on our way home.



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