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Day 7, Friday 21 Aug

Junko emerged from the Riga information centre fuming at the unhelpful response of one of the staff. And, I have to say that there is a general air of the grudging attitude to service that was so often reported in the Soviet period. However, today we were served tea and cake in a cafe by a waitress who should be the ambassador for the country, certainly the tourist ambassador. Her friendliness and willingness to answer questions we asked, even offering to answer a question we'd only discussed among ourselves, was very refreshing.

There are some very impressive buildings in Riga old town. Some beautifully restored. However, you don't have to look very far to see that the place is still pulling itself out of decades of Soviet neglect. They are trying, and work is still going on, but they don't seem to have gone as far as Estonia. That said, I guess Riga is a much bigger place than Tallinn.

Shingo & Stina did their own thing today, so Kohe, Aya, Junko & I wandered the town all day. We bought a tour bus ticket and rode the two lines. We believe we can do the same again tomorrow, so may well use the ticket to go and visit some of the interesting areas we only drove past today.

Our evening meal could best be described as 'hearty'. We spotted two people tucking into a meal in a loaf and thought it looked interesting, so took a seat. It was a thick stew poured into a hollowed out loaf. Kohe & I had to have a soup, as they only had 2 loaves left. However, I think our soups, also very hearty, were actually tastier. I'm still feeling rather full.
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