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Day 11, Mon 25 Aug

After a breakfast cooked by our host, we packed our bags and loaded them into the car. However, I left the car at the B&B and we walked into the town. Our first stop was the ruins of the old cathedral, in which the first university library had been built, but was not the university museum. We climbed the old tower for a fine view over the town, then spent rather more time than we should have in the museum before heading into the town to get a few nibbling things. I returned to collect the car and we met up with the rest of our party at 1pm.

We drove to Alatskivi, where there is a schloss inspired by Balmoral. It is a very fine building and Stina posed for a photo outside the entrance. With its conically topped towers, I thought she should have been wearing one of those tall conical hats with a fine silk flapping in the breeze. The grounds were lovely too. Not as ornate as Rundale, but wooded with undulating grassy areas. We were booked in for our lunch, which was superb (though, again, not cheap).

We also visited a shore-side town on the inland sea the country shares with Russia. I even went for a quick paddle, before having to retrieve my shoes and head off to our net destination.

From there we visited a couple of ruined medieval castles, finally stopping in one of Estonias bog areas; Koitjärv bog. Estonia has about 7% of its entire land area as ancient bog, which is protected as of scientific significance. Shingo had some amazing photos of it in the early morning covered in mist.



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